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Undiscovered Weekly - Artisan Crafts

Fri Jan 24, 2014, 3:19 AM

Welcome to this weeks Undiscovered Weekly article for Artisan Crafts, Where we are committed to hand pick exceptional, new found talent in which we would like to share with the rest of deviantART.

This week we will be featuring an artist who specializes in molding and casting, a culinary artist and a woodworker, 3 very different, but very talented artist I would like to share with you all today.

Skyrim -  Dagger Replica Group Photo by Folkenstal   Skyrim Banded Iron Armor - final by Folkenstal

Folkenstal is 27 years old and lives in Switzerland, they work as a graphics designer in the week and as a hobby, is a propmaker at the weekends. Folkenstal was interested in crafting and drawing since their childhood and had always continued to draw up until 2 years ago, where they had started prop making instead of drawing their cartoon characters. 

'as long as Bethesda has some nice weapon designs out there. I’ll be there to de-fictionalize them.' - Folkenstal

Skyrim - Ebony Waraxe Replica by Folkenstal  Blade of Woe - final by Folkenstal

Folkenstal had first got the inspiration in fantasy based artifacts from the internet, their curiosity in the art of creating these items were fed by an image of an 'Ebony Dagger' that is also featured in The Elder Scrolls games from Bethesda. Folkenstal uses Mold Max 40 through a smooth molding process of a crafted item, then uses a variety of resin to fill the mold with to create a smooth and desirably hard cast, which is when the finishing touches are added. Folkenstal wishes one day, to mold and cast together a suit of Isaac Clarke, from the games series Dead Space. A talent of this high quality can give one so much inspiration and desire to start this hobby for themselves, or other forms of just creating and being proud of the finished piece. I can certainly say I would be very happy if I had talent like this.

Check out more stuff from Folkenstal at their website,

Delicious Maraschino Cherry Cups (recipe included) by theresahelmer  Love Is In The Air... by theresahelmer  

theresahelmer lives in San Francisco and she is a food stylist and food photographer. Who she is, is not often considered by ones own reflection, but by what others see of her. Theresa is a mother, and will always put that first and foremost, she is curious and loves to learn. She is definitely in tune with the causes that she believes in and wishes to improve herself more, in the art of being more creative and abstract with her creations. Theresa is 100% self taught in the preparation of her dishes, styling and photography, she enjoys cooking for her children and friends and feels that the is no limit when it comes to finding a path for her culinary designs.
One of Theresa's proudest abilities is being unique with her work, Using the simplest ingredients to create original and innovative desserts, like Jello products are a just example.

'One of my goals is to encourage everyone that they can easily make these simple and delicious desserts at home as well.' Theresa Helmer.

Mint Lemon Cupcakes w/Fondant Flowers by theresahelmer  Homemade Marshmallow Creme w/ Homemade Mint Jello by theresahelmer

It is always exciting for Theresa when she is able to express herself fully through her own aesthetics without having to compromise, and example in which her client, Jelly Belly Candy Co. gives her the freedom to showcase their products, which is where trust and respect is special. Theresa believes there is no limit to her imagination and skills to create whatever she wants if she put her determination into it. To decide, plan and execute the design is simple enough to get the finished product.

'I do not have that special one thing i have always wanted to make. The Sky IS my limit!.' Theresa Helmer

Check out more of Theresa's showcased culinary creations at her website www.theresahelmerphotography.c…

Cat on a branch by Ljotunnr   Valknut 01 by Ljotunnr

Lucia is 26 years old and comes from Slovakia, she is the kind of person who feels she needs to give herself energy in form of creativity. Lucia studied wood carving for five years in high school and has always seen it as an motivational interest, she is also interested in art history, books, movies, computer games and music.

'Unconventionality, controversy and extravagance is almost a condition to make me interested in anything.' Ljotunnr

Lucia's mother studied woodcarving, whilst her father studied sculpturing of stones, so it's only natural that from an early age a connection to the arts of craft had piqued her curiosity to try and work with something like wood, ad crayons and sketchbooks were just not working out as satisfying enough for her. Lucia believes that life itself is the most symbolic form of inspiration, blending the life of man in with nature and expressing the ideals of mythology into her work. Since Lucia studied cultural studies at University, she is finding much more inspiration in archetypes, which are part of many cultures, and which strengthened her relationship with various forms of mythology and thus, integrated into her work.

The Time tree by Ljotunnr   Algiz by Ljotunnr

Working with wood requires physical strength, but also an eye for aesthetics. Lucia works with traditional carving material like basswood, which is a soft, pliable, fragrant and beautiful material to work with, she rarely uses other kinds of wood, except in the case of working on small parts, like pendants or earrings. It is obvious that the talent, put into Lucia's creations are very creative, unique and inspirational, to come such a long way through the art of woodcarving has most definitely sharpened her skills and wishes to create more modern designs with a potent expression - 

- 'Someday, I would like to represent the whole universe in wooden form, its impressive size, mystique, and indescribable transcendental power.' Ljotunnr

I'd like to personally thank these exceptional deviants for their immense talent and sharing with us their artistic endeavors.

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An undiscovered weekly feature on Artisan Crafts for three exceptionally talented and undiscovered deviants, Folkenstal, theresahelmer and Ljotunnr
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